Hello is a project started from a research about the connections between the virtual world, in which we increasingly navigate, and the real world. In a period with strong (and sometimes confusing) relationships between these two different worlds, ever more people feel the need to reverse the path, and create the way back. In few worlds, from the virtual to the physical.
So, why don't we use virtuality to manage daily life?

The project

In every browser in the world, visiting my website, a person may click on the "Say Hello" button.
While it is pressed, a 3D typographic building saying "HELLO" that I have in my studio, lights up.
If I'm at home and HELLO lights up, this means that someone is thinking of me, or at least is playing with my website and wants to say me hello.
It's a funny thing, and I think it could open new kinds of connections and reduce the everyday distance between the real and virtual worlds, making the virtual behaviors really meaningful.


Hello has been developed using:
Processing, Arduino, PHP, MySql, Javascript.


Hello received an Honourable Mention at the ADAA 2010, the Adobe Design Achievement Awards held in Los Angeles (CA) on the "Non-Browser-Based design" category.